The Most Valuable Micro-Influencers on Instagram.


search and discover a Curated list of the instagram personalities most likely to be the stars of tomorrow and give you the highest roi today.


Differentiating which Instagram accounts are valuable is hard.

That's why our search only shows you the most valuable micro-influencers, taking the guessing game out of deciding which partnerships are likely to give you good results and which are not.   

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When we say the most valuable, we mean it! Every account on the platform has:


The Highest Engagement

Our algorithm guarantees that everyone on the platform is in the top 0.01% of the most highly engaged accounts on Instagram. 

Real Followers

We've developed technology that detects and discards accounts that manipulate their engagement through automated services, bots or hashtagging.

Original Content

We hand pick every account on the platform to make sure it's a person that directly creates unique, inspiring and original social media content, not reposts or screenshots. 


Why focus on the most highly engaged micro-influencers?

When compared to accounts with lower engagement, content creator personalities with an average of 10% or more organic engagement on instagram are:



More likely to drive traffic and/or sales per follower.


More likely to reach 100,000 followers or more within 1 year.


More likely to be descerning about who they partner with and what they promote.


More likely to drive traffic and sales 1 month after a post.


When compared to accounts with larger followings, micro-influencers between 5,000 - 30,000 followers on Instagram are:



More likely to respond to partnership proposals.


More likely to accept product trade or lower prices per promotion.


More likely to reply and execute on an agreement faster.


More likely to continue working with you after a partnership ends.

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Why does engagement indicate value?

The higher an Instagram account's organic engagement is, the larger the percentage of their followers tend to act upon a recommendation, tag or promotion made by them.  


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