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We are passionate about demystifying the practice of Social Media Influencer Marketing to help great content creators and entrepreneurs be successful and earn a living doing what they love to do.

How do we know which Instagram Influencers are more valuable?

From our experience testing data-based influencer marketing at scale, we know that an Instagram account’s engagement rate is the most reliable and objective indicator of what percentage of it’s audience cares about the message being communicated. Hence, it’s the best first-measure indicator to evaluate its potential value. The higher the engagement, the higher the likelihood of a particular message resonating with its audience and driving traffic/sales/growth. You can read more about how we measure value here.

Why do we focus on new content creators?

We strongly believe that an Instagram account’s early growth stage is where the most value can be created for all parties involved. Not only is this the stage in which an Instagram’s following is generally more engaged, but it is also a period in which paid partnerships can have the biggest impact on a content creator's career because they are harder to come-by. This means you're more likely to see higher response rates as well as well as help content creators earn a living doing what they love to do.

We share this information so we can all make more informed choices about where we spend our money, and who we choose to partner with when it comes to social media promotion.


Eduardo Morales
Former Head of US Community Growth at @Depop, Eduardo helped develop a data-based social media promotion system that has facilitated small-scale partnerships with over one thousand influencers. Now, making a full-time living from his Instagram, @pinlord, Eduardo writes articles on Medium focused on giving people the knowledge and resources to grow and monetize their social media channels. He currently resides in Brooklyn, NY, living a blissful life with his awesome wife, Romany Pope.

Luis Iten
A Senior Software Engineer and blockchain enthusiast, Luis currently resides in Brooklyn, NY, and enjoys reading as many science fiction books as he can get his hands on.

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